Why Your Town Should Subsidize a Weekend Bus

Boost Local Tourism by the Busload, just Copy Casinos

If you've ever wondered how to attract more visitors to your small town, consider the idea of subsidizing an intercity bus service. This innovative approach can provide convenient transportation options for weekend tourists, boosting your local economy and putting your town on the map. In this article, we'll explore three potential ways to subsidize an intercity bus and make your town a must-visit destination.

One effective way to attract weekend visitors is by providing a full operational subsidy for the first few routes. While this option may be more expensive, it is still an affordable investment considering the benefits it brings. By having one arrival and departure per day, visitors can enjoy an entire day in your town, exploring its unique attractions, dining at local restaurants, and supporting local businesses. This approach creates a win-win situation where tourists have an enjoyable experience, and your town sees increased economic activity.

Suppose you already have an existing bus service running in your town. In that case, you can take advantage of vehicle wrap advertising to promote your destination. Consider adorning the buses with attractive wraps showcasing the highlights and charm of your town. This moving billboard will catch the attention of both drivers and passengers, generating curiosity and interest in visiting your town. Just ensure that the design does not cover the windows, as passengers should still be able to enjoy the views along the journey.

Another effective method to subsidize intercity bus travel is through a per passenger subsidy system, though vouchers or direct payment to operators. This approach allows multiple bus operators to participate, making it easier to distribute subsidies. The subsidy can cover a certain number of tickets, either partially or in full, and be distributed using a voucher system or a ridership audit. This is similar to how the casino industry uses vouchers on casino buses to attract customers, encouraging them to visit and spend the day there.

By partnering with major carriers such as FlixBus (owner of Greyhound), Wanderu, and Uber, you can ensure a wide reach and accessibility for potential tourists.

Subsidizing an intercity bus service for weekend visitors is a smart investment that can bring tremendous benefits to your small town. By providing convenient transportation options, promoting your town through vehicle wraps, and using per passenger subsidies, you can attract more tourists, boost local businesses, and elevate your town's profile. Remember, a successful tourism industry starts with accessibility and enticing visitors to explore all that your town has to offer. So, take the leap and let the intercity bus become the vehicle for your town's success!

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