Housing Affordability and Community for Millennials

A conversation between Michael Moore and Iso Rabins

Here’s an easygoing weekend listen for you. I had the opportunity to have a nice chat with Iso Rabins on his Podcast “How We Work” We discuss the the Millennial experience as many of us begin to enter middle age, and how to best create real, meaningful community and friendships. We had a great conversation and I’m happy to share it.

Please note, while the episode was recently released it was recorded a few months back, so there are lots of references to my previous publication Millennial American Dream, however most of what we discuss remains evergreen topics. Have a great weekend and make sure to chat with your neighbors when you have a chance!

Michael Moore is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Resident Urbanist. He has previously written for Streetsblog and Millennial American Dream, he has also been covered on Planetizen, the How We Work podcast, and StrongHaven. You can follow him on Threads, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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