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How Readers of Millennial American Dream are Supporting their Community

Celebrating our 100th Post with a Closer Look at our Impact

In honor of this being the 100th post for Millennial American Dream I asked you, our readers, on Substack and Threads last week how you are getting involved and making an impact in your community, here’s what everyone had to say:


“Apply my professional expertise and science-ish background to make tools that better monitor air quality for my region.”

“I organized a union at my workplace this week. (Well, the union existed, but the local didn't - until this week.) In my community, I organize a weekly group bike ride. It's not activism per se but it is community building. I did another pretty rad thing too but I'll keep that one anonymous. Organizations I recommend are: @horizonottawa, Free Transit Ottawa, Bike Ottawa, Climate Justice Ottawa, and Community Solidarity Ottawa.

Separately: fight fires (or, more generally, show up when someone calls 911)”


Started a new substack, Cape Connected, and is advocating for walkability in their city.


“Started an interfaith dinner series, serve on the city Public Art Commission and the board of a local social service nonprofit. And ALWAYS vote in local elections.”


“Just walking around with a garbage bag picking up litter.”

Actions both big and small are what make the difference in our communities. Though you might be asking “What are you doing to help?” as someone who is harping all about being involved I also want to make sure I’m living the same advice given to others.

I’m involved with several organizations in Austin, TX working to make it a more liveable city: AURA, Austin Parking Reform Coalition, and Rethink 35. While no organization is perfect, these three are already having clear impact and success in Austin to help elect new leaders who are now eliminating parking minimums and passing a ton of housing development reforms.

If you want to meet me in person I’ll be attending an upcoming meetup hosted by AURA, the Austin Urbanist Happy Hour, on October 1st.

Millennial American Dream has also had the honor of having two of our articles republished by Streetsblog, a publication that I’ve been reading for over a decade and which helped inspire me to both get into urbanism and start this blog.

We’ve also had a batch of fantastic guest contributors such as: Anaiah Matthew, Fern K Hahn, Sam Sklar, & Tyson Moore.

If you would like to contribute and write a guest post for Millennial American Dream, just let me know in the comments below.

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