Walkaffordable California 2023 - Part 3

A few more in the Central Valley

Median Home Price: $344,000

Median Rent: $1,275

Downtown Walkscore: 77

Orland, a laid-back town in the Sacramento Valley, exudes small-town charisma. With a walkable downtown, it offers both essentials and occasional local festivities. Benefiting from the region's typical warm summers and cooler winters, it provides a pleasant living environment. Ideal for those who prefer a quieter setting away from city chaos.

Median Home Price: $275,000

Median Rent: $950

Downtown Walkscore: 82

Taft, set against an oil-producing backdrop, has a historic touch echoing its industry-driven past. The surprisingly walkable downtown is home to quaint establishments, reflecting the community's connection to its history. With a hot desert climate, the town is suited for those who can embrace warm temperatures and appreciate affordability.

Median Home Price: $326,000

Median Rent: $1,850

Downtown Walkscore: 88

Exeter boasts a unique blend of art and history, with its downtown murals narrating tales of the past. The high walkability score translates into an engaging pedestrian experience with various murals, shops, and eateries. A temperate climate, with hints of Central Valley warmth, makes it a comfortable place to reside. A top choice for those seeking a balance of culture and convenience.

Median Home Price: $348,000

Median Rent: $1,350

Downtown Walkscore: 74

Anderson, close to the Sacramento River, offers a modest living experience. Its functional downtown provides residents with essential services and a few recreational spots. The town benefits from a mix of warm summers and mild winters. Suitable for those who value proximity to water bodies and enjoy a low-key lifestyle.

Median Home Price: $300,000

Median Rent: $1,400

Downtown Walkscore: 72

Often referred to as the "Olive Capital," Lindsay is a vibrant hub amidst Central Valley's agricultural expanse. Its downtown, reasonably walkable, brims with local boutiques and eateries that encapsulate the town's essence. With its warm Central Valley climate, Lindsay is an ideal locale for those who admire agrarian settings and community-driven atmospheres, all while benefiting from the affordability it offers.


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